अंगूर देख ललचा रहा था बच्चा, बंदरिया ने खींचा पीछे, पब्लिक बोली- मां से बढ़कर नहीं कोई!

By the way, humans and animals and their living conditions are completely different. But the vigilance towards the children and the concern of keeping them safe is the same for every mother. Be it human or animal. A mother always tries to warn her child about danger. One such video is going viral on social media where Bandariya has taught children a lesson to beware of the danger of strangers.

A video is going viral on Twitter @Yoda4ever, in which a monkey was seen teaching her child not to eat food given by strangers. A person gave some food items in front of the monkey’s child, seeing which the child started jumping, in such a situation, the mother monkey quickly pulled the child back and she did this again and again. The video got more than 7 lakh views.

Monkey taught a lesson to stay away from strangers
In the viral video, a monkey was eating mangoes with one hand, while with the other hand she was trying to save her child. In fact, in the viral video, a person tries to invite a monkey’s child to him by giving him some food, but as soon as the child sees the food, it jumps towards the person, the mother monkey quickly pulls him back and hugs him. But that person repeatedly brings something to eat in front of the monkey’s child. On which the child again jumps. But every time the mother pulls the child towards her to keep him away from the unknown person. But when the person didn’t agree till the end and he presented the grapes again, the mother got angry at him.

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