अंधेरे में बैठने के मिल रहे हैं पैसे, 1 घंटे तक रहे बिना बिजली के, तो कैश में मिलेगा इनाम!

Power Saving Campaign: There are many such things on our earth, which we do not understand the value of and they are decreasing with time. When man upgraded himself from lamps and torches to power i.e. electricity, no one knew that it would be misused in this way. There is a shortage of power all over the world, but people are not ready to use it less.

To make people understand the importance of electricity and to teach them to use it economically, a unique offer is being made by the National Grid in Britain. If the customers here sit in the dark for an hour, then they will be given thousands of rupees in return (Cash Prize for Customers Who Sit in the Dark). This offer is being given to the people under the Demand Flexibility Service event.

You will get money for sitting in the dark
According to the report of Daily Star, a live event is being organized by National Grid. In this event named Demand Flexibility Service (DFS), a scheme has been introduced for the people that they will have to sit without electricity for one hour in the evening, in exchange for which the customer will be given £100 i.e. Rs 10,000. In this event one has to sign up for the DFS scheme and then sit in the dark from 5 pm to 6 pm in the live event. In this way it will also help in saving electricity and a message can also be given to the people.

campaign to save electricity
Whether it is winter or summer, not only Britain, the use of electricity increases in almost all the countries of the world. Sometimes people use electrical appliances to keep themselves cool and sometimes to keep warm. Since evening time is the peak time in terms of electricity usage, customers are being told how much money can be saved if electricity is used less or not.

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