अजब ये इश्क है! प्रेमिका ने कहा साबित करो प्यार, 1400 km के सफर पर पैदल ही निकल पड़ा प्रेमी

Man Walks 1400 km to prove his love: Valentine’s Day is about to come and don’t know what to do on this day to express love in front of your girlfriend. To prove their love, they sometimes resort to expensive gifts and sometimes do something different. However, what a person from Thailand has done, hardly any lover would have done till date. This man is traveling 1400 kilometers on foot to meet his girlfriend.

The lover has told that he is going on foot to meet his girlfriend, who is sitting 1400 km away from him. The girlfriend herself challenged him to walk or run to her house to prove his love. This loving couple met 5 months ago on the social media app Tiktok. Now he is in limelight because from January 14, he has started a 1400 kilometer walk, so that he can reach his girlfriend’s house by Valentine’s Day i.e. February 14.

Girlfriend said- ‘Prove love’
The man is a resident of Thailand’s Nakhon Nayok province, while his TikTok girlfriend’s house is in Satun province. They have never met before and they have been talking through video calling. The girlfriend challenged him to walk or run till Satun to prove his love. The distance between Nakhon Nayok to Satun is 1400 kilometers. Premi has accepted this challenge and has started his journey on January 14, about which he is also giving updates on VotikTalk from his account.

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This risky love is in discussion
The lover has not given much information about his girlfriend, but people are continuously connecting with his social media account. Thai Tiktokers are encouraging him and comments are also coming on his videos. The person’s target is to reach his destination on February 14 to celebrate Valentine’s Day. He is also carrying a jacket, cap, sunglasses and a bucket with him on the journey. In the video, he tells that his leg is hurting a lot while walking but he still has to travel hundreds of kilometres.

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