अजीब हैं इस आदमी के शौक, लोगों से मांगते हैं ये चीज; अखबारों में दिया विज्ञापन भी!

You must have heard asking for bread, asking for milk and even asking for money. But a man has strange hobbies. He goes around asking for apples from people all over the world and even gives advertisements in newspapers for this. Send people emails asking for apples. Isn’t it a bit strange. But this story of a chemical engineer from America is very interesting and surprising.

Tom Brown, 79, is a retired chemical engineer from North Carolina. Since the 1990s, he has been searching for rare varieties of apples. So far he has discovered about 1200 varieties and is decorated in his two acres of garden. He calls his orchard the Heritage Apple Orchard. Here he has displayed 700 varieties of apples. These include unfamiliar apples such as Black Winesape, Candy Stripe, Royal Lemon, Rubun Bald, Yellow Bellflower, Junaluska, and Night Dropper.

Scientists from all over the world also reach here
You will be surprised to know that scientists from all over the world come to see their apple. All the tourists also go there and see. Tom Brown has written extensively about each type. Its species has also been told. He points out that apples vary greatly in size. Some of them can be up to five inches across, and others are the size of a ping pong ball. There is an apple which is dark, black, red in color and long and pointed. Many of these are named after people. One of the most unusually named apples I found was called Bug Horn. Later it came to know that it has been named after a farmer.

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