अपने ही भाई से शादी कर प्रेग्नेंट हुई लड़की! दादा-दादी की तस्वीर से खुला राज, सच पता चलते ही उड़े होश

Marriage is such a bond for which whether it is a boy or a girl, they get ready only when they get the boy according to their wish. In India, where parents usually fulfill this responsibility, in foreign countries, boys and girls decide the relationship together and get married. But sometimes they are not able to know everything about their partner’s family and their background, due to which many secrets are revealed to them later. The same happened after an American woman (Woman accidently married cousin) who came to know a shocking thing about her husband during pregnancy.

According to the report of New York Post, Marcella Hill is a Tiktoker and she has millions of followers. She often posts health related videos on her account. But recently she gave such information through video, knowing that she was not only surprised, but also the people watching the video were also surprised. Marcella, a resident of Utah (Utah, USA), told that by mistake she married her cousin (Woman pregnant with brother’s child).

woman marry cousin pregnant with brother child

During pregnancy, when both were thinking about naming the child, then only they came to know the truth. (Photo: tiktok/@beingmarcellahill)

couple turned brother and sister
She said that till now she had kept this secret only between herself and her husband, but she also wants to tell her followers that she married her cousin brother only. She told that when she was pregnant, she and her husband thought about deciding the name of the child. For this, both opened their family tree and made up their mind to name the child after their ancestors. He saw that his great-grandmother and the grandmother of one generation above him had the same name. The husband also noticed that he has the same name in his family tree. Both of them were surprised by this.

Couple shocked to see the name of grandparents
But when he checked the names of his grandparents, his suspicion increased even more. Actually, Marcella’s grandfather and husband’s grandmother were first cousins. Both of them called their grandparents and asked them about this, then they also agreed that they know each other. Hearing this, the ground slipped under the feet of the couple. However, both of them accepted this fact because they loved each other. He said they were married at the courthouse, so he didn’t know whether their families knew each other. Some people trolled both of them and said that these things should have been known beforehand, while some said that it is a family secret and it should be left to the family only.

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