अपनों को तलाशते-तलाशते कनाडा से यूपी के गांव पहुंच गया ये परिवार, लेकिन…

Report – Krishna Dwivedi

colony: A family from Canada has arrived in Basti district of Uttar Pradesh. These people have come here to get information about their ancestors.

After traveling a distance of about 12000 kilometers across the seven seas, a foreign family has reached here from the Canadian city of Toronto to find out about their ancestors in the small village Sarnagi of Haraiya tehsil.

from your city (Lucknow)

Uttar Pradesh

These people want to know about the people related to their family. This foreign family from Canada shows photographs of ancestors and repeatedly tries to know the homeland of their ancestors, but due to passage of time, no villager could recognize the ancestor of that foreigner present in the photo.

Went to Canada only in 1872

The foreign couple who reached Sarnagi village told their name as Vikram and their wife’s name as Deepa. He said that our forefathers had migrated from Sarnagi village of Basti to Toronto city of Canada in 1872, but the smell of Indian soil always remained in their family.

Vikram told that his forefathers always used to tell that he is originally a resident of Sarnagi village in Basti district of Uttar Pradesh, India. Vikram told that his ancestor’s name was Bhikharu. The foreign couple had also brought their ancestor’s photo along with them, but due to the matter being many years ago, none of the villagers of Sarnagi village could recognize their ancestor.

don’t know hindi

The Canadian couple who reached the settlement do not have knowledge of Hindi language. He could not speak Hindi, later a person from the village who knew English spoke to the foreign couple.

How to reach Sarnagi village?

The foreign couple told that they came to Bangalore by flight from Toronto city of Canada. From there again they reached Allahabad by flight. After this, taking a taxi, he reached Sarnagi village of Basti by entering the location in Google Map. This foreign family returned after not knowing about the ancestors.

There was a wave of happiness among the villagers

Even though the foreign family could not get concrete information about this land of their ancestors, but the people of the village welcomed them a lot. There was a wave of happiness among the people of Sarnagi village after finding the foreign family in their midst, they also took selfies with this foreign couple.

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