आख‍िर बच्‍चों के स्‍कूल में क्‍यों पढ़ने आती थी 29 साल की मह‍िला, बर्थ सर्टिफ‍िकेट भी बनवाया था फर्जी, हैरान कर देगी घटना

You must have heard that women came to teach in children’s schools, but women came to study with children. This is rarely seen. But a woman in America has committed such a crime which hardly anyone has thought about. The age of the woman is 29 years and she used to come to the children’s school to study. For this, he had also made a fake birth certificate. He had shown his age to be around 14-15 years. She was regularly attending classes and meeting children. However, after four days, his conspiracy was busted and the police arrested him. You will say that it is looking like a film story but it is true.

Used to hide age in school
Public High School in New Jersey, USA. The woman kept coming to school for four days hiding her age, but no one came to know. She attended classes, used to spend time in the guidance office. Not only this, he had also taken the phone numbers of many children. The woman has been identified as Hyejong Shin. The students told that she used to send messages on the phone to most of the students. This incident raised questions on the safety of the students. The fear spread so much that many parents even complained to the school administration.

lied to school officials
When the police arrested Hyejong Shin, it was found that he had made a fake birth certificate to hide his age. He even lied to the school officials. She used to spend most of the time with the children. A video of the meeting of the board members of the school has also been shared on Twitter. In this, the people of the school management are seen talking about the safety of the children. There has been a demand to change the method of checking the documents of many people so that no one can enter among the children like this again. However, neither the school nor the police officials have disclosed the motive behind the crime.

crazy looking woman
Police officials said, it is not known what is the motive of the woman, but it is certain that she used to hide her age and go to school. We will see what is the process of document verification in the school. After all, how did this woman reach among the children and spent a lot of time. The policemen did not even tell about the behavior of that woman. However, some policemen say that the woman seems to be a bit eccentric and wants to spend time among the children.

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