आनंद मह‍िंद्रा की सीख, वीडियो शेयर कर लिखा-हर दिन को ग्रेटफुल मानें, जानें ऐसा क्‍या है वीडियो में

Famous businessman Anand Mahindra posts a motivational story every week on Twitter and inspires people to move forward. This time he shared one such video and reminded netizens to be grateful for every day that seems normal.

Eagle showing hovering attack
The chairman of Mahindra & Mahindra used video clips to make his point. In this, an eagle sees a man swimming in the river. After that he starts hovering over it to attack. Man is swimming comfortably without knowing anything. He does not know how much trouble he is about to get into. Meanwhile, the eagle flying from behind comes very close to the man and as soon as the man appears above the water, the eagle reaches very close to him to take him in its beak. But suddenly what happens to him and he returns without harming the man.

precious every moment of every day
Mahindra wrote the quote with the video, you are always being watched. But have you ever realized how lucky you are. We need to feel gratitude for every day that seems ‘normal’. Anand Mahindra wants to tell that how precious are the days which we spend casually and sometimes we waste them thinking it as casual.

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