आपसी लड़ाई का हुआ ऐसा नुकसान, निकल भागा हाथ में आया शिकार, शेर शेरनियों के झगड़े के चलते बच गई भैंस की जान

Lion is the king of the jungle. Every animal is scared of him. Their courage and strength are such that once they decide to make them a victim, then it is impossible for them to escape. In such a situation, when the whole family of lions is united then what to say. But it is said that when there is a split in one’s own clan, the other always manages to take advantage. Something similar was seen in the viral video, where the prey escaped due to the fight of lions.

A video shared on Twitter at @weirdterrifying showed the heavy casualties of a lion fight. A big buffalo was trapped between three lionesses and two lions, which they were going to hunt. But the very next moment such a fight broke out that the buffalo got up and ran away and the lions got entangled in settling the quarrel. The video has got more than 15 million views.

Due to the fight of lions, the victim was released from possession
That video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Where three lionesses and two lions together could not save a buffalo from running away from their possession. Not because his strength was starting to decrease. Rather because everyone in his clan was so entangled with each other that outsiders easily took advantage of it. Together, the three lionesses of the clan started quarreling with each other in such a way that the lions had to unite to solve it and the prey that came in their possession, got up from the ground and walked smoothly without any haste and they could not do anything.

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