आप भी बड़े चाव से खाते हैं नूडल्स, तो ज़रूर देखिए ये वीडियो, बनने का पूरा प्रॉसेस करा देगा तौबा

In India, people like to eat Chinese dishes very much, in that also the most favorite is noodle, which people want to eat in every situation. That’s why a huge crowd of people is seen at every Chinese stall. But the noodles that you eat with great fervor, have you ever seen them being made? We mean have you ever thought about the whole process in the factory where the noodles are made? If not, then you will get a chance to meet him through viral videos. But after that you will start abstaining from eating noodles.

A video of Noodles Factory is going viral on Twitter’s @chiragbarjatyaa, in which you will be forced to think a hundred times before eating it after seeing the whole process of preparing Noodles. Seeing sometimes being thrown on the ground and sometimes touching with dirty hands, you will start repenting from eating noodles. The video has got more than 2 lakh views.

The process of making noodles scared me
The video of the whole process of making noodles in the social media factory is going viral. Which may sound disgusting. Where maida can be seen rubbing on the ground and then pouring it into the machine. Then one machine flattens that flour like paper and the next machine cuts it into thin pieces. Then it is cooked by putting it in a machine, which is covered with a gunny bag and then it can also be seen banging it here and there on the ground. Moreover, the people who are engaged in this whole process are making noodles and keeping them on the ground without taking care of hygiene and cleanliness.
When was the last time you had road side chinese hakka noodles with schezwan sauce? pic.twitter.com/wGYFfXO3L7

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