आसमान में नजर आई UFO जैसी अजीबोगरीब चीज, एल‍ियन समझ लोग दहशत में आ गए, जानें क्‍या था इसमें

A strange sight was seen in Turkey’s rain on Thursday. A huge and distinctive shaped thing was seen floating in the sky. By the way, it seemed like a bunch of clouds which was shining brightly. But people understood it to be a UFO (unidentified flying object) and got scared of the alien’s arrival on the earth. Hundreds of people captured this simple incident in pictures and shared it on social media. It is becoming increasingly viral across the world.

In fact, ever since it is being claimed that aliens will land on earth this year and there will be a massive clash between them and humans, people are scared. According to the claim, alien UFOs have also been seen in many countries of America and Europe. But the government and agencies still deny this. She avoids most such cases by calling them a bunch of balloons. But this time there was something different that people were shocked to see.

rare event observed
According to The Guardian report, the almost spherical cloud, known as a lenticular cloud, was visible in the rainy sky for about an hour. Its height was also not much to see, due to which it became the center of curiosity among the people. Many internet users captured this rare incident on their phones. It appeared at sunrise and had a huge hole in the middle.

What did the Meteorological Department say
Sharing pictures and videos of the UFO-like cloud, a user wrote, #Turkey An unusual morning today. Many people termed it as a sky attack and even demanded an inquiry. However, Turkey’s State Meteorological Service explained to the people that there is no need for investigation. This rare phenomenon was only a lenticular cloud.

When do such clouds form
The State Meteorological Service explained that lenticular clouds are known for their curved, flying saucer-like appearance. They are usually found at altitudes between 2,000 and 5,000 meters. Lenticular clouds form when the layer of the atmosphere is just above saturation, which means that they form as a result of strong wind fluctuations over hills and mountains when the air is still and moist. They often form in winter, but it is still possible to see them at other times of the year. These types of clouds can be a sign of rain within the next day or there can be moisture in the atmosphere ahead of an upcoming storm.

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