इंटरेस्ट के कामों के बजाय दूसरा काम करना है पीड़ादायक, सैनिक से वेट्रेस बनी महिला ने बताई ये वजह

Work Change Experience: The biggest pain for a person is when he has to leave the work of his interest and do other work under compulsion. He feels more pain than that when he has to do that work even against his will. But what can a human being do, in order to run his life, he has to do that work by killing his mind. This time of life is very sad. One such story is of an ex-serviceman of the US Army, who became a waitress in a famous chicken restaurant from a soldier.

He shares the toughest parts of his job. Kaylee spent months training in the US Army to become a game warden. He was assigned the task of investigating violence violations. But once he completed the course, he took a career U-turn by joining Hooters. The change hasn’t been easy for Kaylee, who took to TikTok to share her struggles while working at the restaurant.

In a video he said: “When you’re new and you order wrong and you have to go to the kitchen and tell them – it’s scary.” She asks her colleagues if they feel the same way, and adds: “Yeah, I’m scared.” In another clip, he is seen holding a notepad and waiting to take orders from a diner. The video clip was accompanied by the caption: “When you go from the military to customer service…” Kaylee struggled to learn customer-friendly language and when she added: “…and you think you have to keep your mouth shut.” Should be taken. She took a pause and controlled her thoughts and then said: “God bless you.”

Some viewers felt the same when his career changed. One wrote: “I’ve never been so attached to anything – going from the military to nursing was quite the change.” Another shared: “My first job after the army was airport customer service when I was in school. “I last about eight months for a job that doesn’t involve interacting with people.” And a third user said, “After being in the Marine Corps, now that I am going back to the food industry, it will be a disaster.”

Kylie shared a few pictures of herself when she was in the army, including one with her badge and another in a bullet-proof jacket. She then recalled herself saying: “I can’t wait to get out and be a game warden…” “I’m not complaining by any means.”

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