उम्र है सिर्फ एक नंबर, 80 साल की बुजुर्ग महिला की पैराग्लाइडिंग, देखें दिल को छू लेने वाली वीडियो   

Superwoman of Paragliding: Today we are going to tell about one such heart touching story, in which there is a video of an elderly woman paragliding at the age of 80. The clip was shared by her granddaughter, who revealed that her grandmother had passed away seven years ago, but found the heartwarming clip in her phone’s gallery and you shouldn’t miss it. This video is going viral on social media.

This viral video has been shared on Instagram by a user named Selina Moses. In the short clip, Celina’s 80-year-old grandmother can be seen paragliding. She was absolutely fearless and took part in this happy moment by being bold. He proved that age is just a number. Apart from this, the elderly woman wore a saree during paragliding. Unfortunately, seven years ago, Celina’s grandmother passed away. However, he saw the hilarious video in his phone’s gallery and decided to share it.

In the caption of this shared video, he wrote, “Age is just a number and my eyes had to prove it. My grandmother did this when she was 80 years old. Found this video in my gallery after a long time and could not stop myself from sharing it. Now it has been 7 years since she left us forever, but she will always be remembered. Miss you, love you.”

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