एक कप कॉफी पिलाकर नौकरी दे देता है बॉस, कैंडिडेट समझ ही नहीं पाते, क्यों हो गए रिजेक्ट!

Boss Uses Coffee Cup Test to Hire Staff: Every employer keeps some thought for himself before hiring employees. If someone wants qualification, then someone pays attention to the skill of the staff. Although there are some bosses who do not know what they want from their employees. Knowing about such a unique test of a British boss, you will be in thought, but behind this he has his own purpose.

Every company has its own policy whenever we go for a job interview. However, the boss we are going to talk about today, before hiring his employees, he drinks a cup of coffee and then decides what to do. The CEO of a company named Trent Innes has told the world about his special test, which is very easy to hear but very meaningful.

‘Coffee Cup’ decides the job!
Bosses take the coffee cup test during job interviews, reports the Daily Star. To check the skill of the candidate, the boss takes him to the kitchen during the interview and then he comes back with a cup of coffee. During this, there is a conversation in the interview and then finally their conversation ends. Only after this the boss decides whether he has to keep the candidate in his company or not. You must also be thinking that what does hiring in a software company have to do with coffee? This is not a chef or restaurant job.

How does the employer decide?
The boss never hires the candidate who takes the empty cup of coffee back to the kitchen after the coffee is over. Instead, the boss is more interested in the candidate who washes the cup of coffee. He considers such people as team players. According to the CEO, his gesture shows that he will take care of other people while working with them. Those who do not do this, the boss never considers them right for the job.

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