ओह इतना गंदा! यह Video देखकर सड़क किनारे चाऊमिन खाना छोड़ देंगे आप

New Delhi. We often hear people saying about street food, ‘the dirtier the shop, the tastier the food’. We also get such videos every day, in which street food is prepared in a very dirty way. However, even after seeing it, people’s heart does not get up from these street food and the crowd at those shops does not seem to reduce.

Now another such video has come to the fore, in which noodles are being made in the factory. Seeing this video, it seems that maybe next time you will definitely think twice before eating chowmin from the roadside stall.

In fact, a Twitter user named Chirag Barjatya posted a video, which shows how noodles are made in factories. This video clip of about 1 minute shows how unhygienic the factory workers prepare noodles, from kneading the dough to placing it in dirty containers.

“When was the last time you had roadside Chinese Hakka noodles with schezwan sauce?” Chirag writes sarcastically, pointing to those eating noodles from roadside stalls.

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