औरतों के खिलाफ अजीबोगरीब रवैया, महिलाओं के पुतलों को भी पहना दिया नकाब! चेहरा ढकने को मजबूर हुए दुकानदार

There are many such rules against women in the world, knowing about which people get stunned. In the name of religion and culture, people believe in keeping women hidden in many places. If they show their face even by mistake, they are punished. But a strange attitude is being seen in Afghanistan. Here, after the Taliban rule, women (mannequins face cover in Afghanistan) have to live in restrictions, but now even the mannequins of women are not safe.

mannequins face cover in taliban afghanistan

Criticism of Taliban is happening on social media. (Photo: Twitter/SaraWahedi)

In August 2021, Taliban (Taliban order female mannequins face cover) had captured Afghanistan and since then different news related to harassment are being heard here. A ban has also been imposed on women’s education, going to gym-park etc. The matter has become so serious that here women cannot even go on long journeys without their male friends. But it is surprising that apart from women, restrictions are also being imposed on their daughters. Taliban has issued a new decree regarding mannequins.

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