कपल ने बना रखा है अजीब नियम, बिना पैसे दिए एक-दूसरे के पास भी नहीं आते! काफी दिलचस्प है वजह …

Money Saving Tips: Everyone in the world wants to save some money from the amount they earn for their future. Those who do not do this, they have to repent later and those who understand this, they collect considerable wealth in a short time. You must have heard many stories of those who saved more in less time and moved forward and many of them must have tried their saving tips in their lives. But today you will be stunned to hear the saving tip we are going to talk about.

Everyone thinks of a scheme to save money according to their own. Some have a plan and some have some other method. However, the savings scheme that a couple has adopted (Couple Has Genius Money Saving Tip), you must have never seen or heard that before. Ever since the couple Fanny and Jesus, who live in Mexico, have told about this scheme on social media, people start thinking that where did they get this idea from?

Fill money in exchange for ‘close ones’
Fanny Castellanos, 26, and her fiance Jesus, 29, live together. Although they have been in a relationship for a few years and also live under the same roof. He has made a strange rule to increase savings. Whenever the couple gets into a romantic mood, they put £4.91 i.e. around Rs 500 in the piggy bank. This process of his has been going on for many months and till now he has deposited about 1 lakh rupees in his piggy bank. Talking to NeedToKnow.online, the couple told that after filling 3 piggy banks, they started counting the money, which turned out to be around Rs 1 lakh. He has kept this money for emergency use at the moment.

trick going viral
When Fanny told about this tip from her Tiktok account, people saw it a lot. Till now the video has got more than 20 lakh views and people have said a lot in the comment section as well. The couple got engaged in September last year and are now planning to use the collected Rs 1 lakh for their honeymoon fund as they are going to get married this year. On the other hand, according to the report of New York Times, many couples agreed that they too would like to use this trick in their life.

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