कभी देखा है ढाई किलो का मेंढक? है ऐसा भारी भरकम कि बना दिया रिकॉर्ड, अब कहलाता है ‘टॉडज़िला’

There is also a different world of living beings, where sometimes by defeating nature, they adopt such a form which is beyond imagination. Normal stature saddle and startle by being completely different in their species. Recently one such species has been found which is the biggest and heaviest of its species. The result of which was that he made a world record. A frog was discovered in the Australian jungles which weighs more than two and a half kilos.

A frog that is being called the world’s largest frog, due to which it has been named ‘Toadzilla’. This frog found in Australia belongs to the Cane Toad species. Which was also included in its list by Guinness World Records. This frog was said to be 2.7 kg, which is the heaviest in its species. And is 6 times bigger than a normal cane toad.

Two and a half kg frog surprised
A species of frog named Ken Todd was found in the Australian forests, on which there is no restriction on eating and drinking. He can eat and drink anything, and increases his weight by eating. In Australia’s Conway National Park, a ranger found this monster named Ken Todd, which was told that it is capable of eating everything. However, it was killed due to being extremely harmful to the environment. And his body was donated to the Queensland Museum for research. But now after sharing the pictures of this female monster Ken Todd on social media, it started going viral. Which is also surprising people.

Monster toad

Sau.canva: Giant Cane Toad found in the jungles of Australia, Toadzilla is the heaviest creature of its species

In no time became harmful to nature
According to Kylie Gray, the ranger who caught the giant cane toad, if a cane toad lives in the wild, it can live for about 15 years. When Kylie saw a huge frog during a tour of the jungle, she was shocked. Because before this he had not seen such a huge frog. But seeing his monster-like stature, they named him ‘Todzilla’. It was told that Cane Todd was brought to Australia to control the insect moths that were ruining a sugarcane field. But due to the word of being able to eat everything, there was so much hue and cry in the corner of the bed that many species of some creatures started becoming extinct, due to which they had to be destroyed. According to information, a female toad is capable of laying about 35,000 eggs.

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