कभी देखी है इतनी साफ-सुथरी नाली? पारदर्शी पानी में घूमती हैं रंगबिरंगी मछलियां; लगेगा एक्वेरियम जैसा नज़ारा

Everyone should understand the importance of cleanliness, pay attention to cleanliness and stop themselves from spreading dirt around them, for this the government started the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Still the picture has not changed much. Even now people do not hesitate to throw garbage here and there and consider it their right to spread filth everywhere except their house. But these people also praise cleanliness in foreign countries and are also impressed. Meanwhile, a video of Japan is going viral where the drain is as clean as tap water.

You may be surprised to see colorful fish swimming in the drain in a video shared on Twitter’s @ValaAfshar. The view is being told of Japan, where seeing the great cleanliness in the canal, you will find it difficult to believe that the view is exactly like an aquarium. The video got more than 70 lakh views.

People were stunned to see the cleanliness of the drain
The viral video is of a canal where you will be stunned as soon as the camera goes off. As soon as the camera went under the canal built on the side of the road, such clean and transparent water was seen there in which you can see everything through. This is nothing, the state of cleanliness in that drain was such that colorful fishes could also be seen swimming. On the other hand, if we talk about our country or any other country, chips, toffee, chocolate wrappers, plastic and dirt are often seen in the drains there. But there was nothing like this in this drain of Japan, there was only cleanliness and cleanliness.

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