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Dog walker became millionaire: People in the world earn money by doing different types of work. Everyone has their own business or job, which leads them to success. However, some people’s work is also such that people are surprised to hear about it. One such job is the part time job of walking other’s dogs. It is okay till now, but today we will tell you about a person who became a millionaire by this work.

The person who once taught children has now made dog walking his full time business. You will be surprised to know that he has become a millionaire just by walking the dog. This profession is called dog walker. According to the report of New York Post, a person named Michael Joseph was earning 30 lakh rupees in a year as a teacher, but as soon as he adopted the business of dog walking, he became a millionaire in a year.

dog walking changed life
Michael Joseph lives in Brooklyn, USA and previously worked as a teacher. Then he started working as a part time dog walker. With this work, he earned close to 1 crore in a year itself. In such a situation, he left his old profession and made dog walking a full time business. From this business, he bought a house for himself in New Jersey and also got his own car. Not only this, he also took his family to Disneyworld. He has also invested 8 lakhs for his 18-month-old child. He got all this money from his profession of dog walking.

give jobs to others
In the year 2019, someone asked him in the park that he would also take his dogs for a ride with his dogs? Michael said yes to this work. He started earning a substantial income from this work. They started their own business called Parkside Pups and became their key clients. He used to get Rs 1500 for half an hour’s work. Now they have also launched the app and have also hired many employees. According to their rate, the charge for walking the dog for 1 hour is up to Rs 200-2500. If he has to be given training also, then Rs 5000 has to be paid and if the dog has to be kept for one night, then Rs 5200 is charged.

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