कुत्‍ते लेकर बच्‍चों के करीब पहुंचा शख्‍स, भड़की बिल्लियों ने पतलून उतार दी, वीडियो देखकर आपकी भी हंसी नहीं रुकेगी

Children are most dear to the mother, for that she goes to any extent. A few days ago a video went viral in which an animal named Sehi had fought with a ferocious leopard for her child and died after chasing it. Now a new video is going viral. In this, a person takes a dog and reaches close to the kittens. Cats get furious seeing the dog coming near their children. And after running, she takes off the trousers of that person.

According to the report of The Sun, this video is two years old but these days it is going viral on social media. The video is being told of Bagselar of Istanbul. It is seen that a man is going on the road to walk his pet dog. Only then he reaches a place where all the cats are sitting with their babies. That person stays there for a while. Cats think that the dog will attack their children. This enrages her.

paws on the back
First she pounces on the dog. Paws on his back. That’s why to save his dog, that person starts shaking the cats. This makes her more angry and attacks the person. The condition becomes such that cats claw at his mouth, back and legs. His trousers are seen pulling up. That man is taking care of the dog, then he is also seen taking care of his trousers. At one time it seems that the cats have made him naked.

attacked before
There is a coffee house next door. His employees told that this cat is very aggressive. In the past, he had attacked two more dogs like this. He is afraid that the dog will kill his children. However, the person who went for a dog walk was saved. There were several bite marks on his face and hands.

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