खतरनाक रास्ते से गाड़ी ले जाते देख अटक गईं सांसे, झरने के बीच से निकाली बस! देखिए ड्राइवर की दिलेरी का वीडियो

Sometimes we come across some people who do not like easy and straightforward work. They love to risk their lives and play with dangers. But some of such people do stupid things. But even in the midst of some dangers, they know how to handle themselves. Only then take dangerous steps. The video of one such driver is going viral on social media, where his courage will shock you.

On Twitter, Harsh Goenka shared a video where people were horrified when a driver was seen taking a bus on narrow mountain roads. That path was so dangerous that anyone would be horrified to see it. But see the courage of the driver, he reached with the bus amidst the waterfall falling from the hill. And got across safely. The video has got more than 18 lakh views.

The driver ran the bus on the narrow path of the mountain
In the viral video, a bus was seen moving on a narrow path in the middle of a high hill. That path is such that anyone would be horrified to see it. Pedestrians will also think hundred times on that road, but that bus driver showed such courage that anyone’s heart would tremble. The bus driver is seen slowly moving the bus forward on a very narrow road. But what he did in the next moment, no one even thinks about it. Instead of stopping the bus even in the midst of a gushing waterfall. Drove the bus into the waterfall and kept moving forward in slow speed. It is a matter of gratitude that there was no damage to the bus and it came out safely.

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