खरगोश की रफ्तार के आगे फीकी पड़ी तेंदुए की ताकत, शिकार बनने से पहले लगाई ऐसी छलांग; भागता रह गया खूंखार जानवर

It is said that only the one who is strong and ferocious dominates the jungle. The weak is always in fear of the powerful animal that he doesn’t know when he will hunt them and make them his morsel. And it happens like this. But just as an ant can make an elephant dance, even a small and weak animal can outwit the most ferocious hunters. One such video is going viral on social media where the leopard got defeated by the rabbit.

In a video shared on Twitter’s Life and nature page, you can see a leopard being defeated by a rabbit. In the viral video, a leopard was trying to hunt a rabbit, but as soon as it swooped down, the fast-moving rabbit made such a jump that the hunter kept running. The strong victory of the weak in the video gave people a chance to be happy.

the hare tricked the leopard
That video of wild animals is becoming increasingly viral on social media, where the hunter who ambushed the prey had to face a tremendous defeat. That too by admonishing an animal like a rabbit in front of itself, then people started feeling sorry for the leopard. Actually in the video, a rabbit was present at some distance in front of a leopard. Seeing which the leopard must have been happy that he got a good prey. Which he can catch in one stroke. But perhaps the leopard had forgotten that the rabbit whom he is considering as a small one, is a merchant of speed. As soon as the leopard crept towards the prey and pounced on it, the rabbit ran away.

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