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Bride Shaves Head Before Marriage: Usually you must have seen that people start preparing months in advance to look beautiful in their wedding. Boys and girls take different treatments for this, so that their face and hair look perfect. However, there is a place in the world where there is no such preparation for marriage, rather girls (Girls Shaves Head Before Wedding) also get their hair shaved. You must be finding it very strange but this is the custom.

The customs of the tribes (Weird Traditions Around The World) are completely different from the common people. Especially if we talk about African tribes, people get stunned after hearing their customs and rituals. One such Borana tribe found in Kenya has a different kind of tradition. Here the brides remain bald before marriage but want the groom to have thick, long and silky hair. People of Borona tribe have been following this tradition for hundreds of years and it is very normal for them.

bald bride, long hair groom
The Borona tribe has lived between Ethiopia and Somalia in South Africa for hundreds of years. Here men are more dominant than women. Men take care of the village lifestyle and animals. At the same time, the responsibility of performing domestic work and customs rests with the women. The peculiar tradition associated with this tribe is that here girls keep a large part of their head shaved before marriage. It is believed that this gives them a good husband. On the contrary, the boy who has the longest hair is seen with respect. He may look like a girl, but he is considered lucky.

photography is prohibited
The people of this tribe believe that their blood gets reduced by being photographed, in such a situation, they shy away from getting the picture clicked. The people of this tribe do not stay in one place but keep on shifting from time to time to different places along with the tribe. According to the report of Daily Mail, with the change of time, now people in the tribe are understanding the importance of education and have started moving towards the cities. Now these traditions are also slowly decreasing, but people are stunned to know about them.

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