खेत में सांस लेने के बदले लगेंगे 2500 रु, 1 घंटे के पैकेज में खाना फ्री, यहां किसानों ने तलाशा आपदा में अवसर

Fresh Air for 2500 Rupees Per Hour in Thailand: The air in the capital Delhi is becoming stifling year by year. Many times it seems that in the next 10-15 years, people will go out of Delhi even to breathe freely. We are thinking these things, but there are some countries of the world where this is happening. That’s why a farmer has found such an opportunity in the disaster that he is charging Rs 2500 for keeping the tourists in his farm for an hour.

By the way, in terms of tourism, you must have heard about many such places, which give a package of one or two days to give the experience of rural environment. By staying there, you can enjoy a slow and relaxed life away from the hustle and bustle. However, a farmer in Thailand, located at a short distance from our country, has introduced a package (Farmer Sells Fresh Air for 2500 Rupees Per Hour) to eat and breathe air in the paddy field for an hour.

Farmer found opportunity in disaster
Thailand is one of the most polluted countries in the world. Here people have to struggle even for fresh air. This is the reason why a farmer living in a village named Huay Kon Tha in Thailand found a business of fresh air amidst the pollution. This 52-year-old man has land near the Hellfire Pass area, where he cultivates paddy. Now he has made a camping area in his paddy field in the middle of the hills. He claims that this is the place where the country’s freshest air is present. In such a situation, he charges people 1,000 baht i.e. about 2500 rupees in Indian currency to stay in this camp for one hour. Now it is your choice that how long you want to stay here.

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Mr. Dusit does not take money from children and disabled people. (Credit- CH3Plus)

air money but food absolutely free
Talking to Channel 3 Plus News, Mr. Dusit said that many things are getting ruined due to pollution. This idea of ​​Dusit, secretary of Asian Life Social Welfare Development Organisation, is becoming very popular. He does not take money from the children and disabled people who stay in his farm. If you stay here, you will have to pay for eating and breathing air, but food for three times will be given absolutely free. Not only this, the people living nearby do not have to pay for the second hour to stay here.

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