गजब! दुनिया के कोने-कोने में बिखरे हैं इस शख्स के बच्चे, 31 साल की उम्र में पैदा कर लीं 57 संतानें…

Sperm Donor Has 57 Children at 31: If a person has 8-10 children, we are stunned to hear. In such a situation, if someone says that he has 57 children, it is bound to make his eyes wide with surprise. Everyone got a similar shock when a 31-year-old man told that he is the father of not 2-4 but a total of 57 children and his children are not in any one country but are scattered in different countries of the whole world. Well this story is quite interesting.

The increase in population has become a problem in some countries, but in some places people are still facing the problem of infertility due to one reason or the other. Various types of medical treatments are available for such people. Not so much in our country, but in foreign countries, sperm donation has not only been adopted as an alternative for such cases, but people also earn money from it. The father of 57 children we are talking about is actually a sperm donor, who told about himself on social media.

Gave birth to 57 children in 9 years
31-year-old Kel Gardy lives in California, USA. He himself has told everyone about his sperm donation journey on social media. According to Kell, he has been doing this work for 9 years and till now has helped 4 dozen i.e. 48 women to become mothers. Because of his record, he is also called serial sperm donor. His children are in different countries. Kail went to Britain and France a few days ago, where he donated sperm for 3 women, who are now pregnant. Kel, the biological father of 57 children, is soon going to be the father of 14 more children.

Dating problems, but no regrets
Kail says that because of his work of sperm donation, there is some problem in his personal life. As soon as the girls come to know that he is the father of so many children, they leave him. According to the New York Post report, for this, Kell takes 10 hours of sleep every day and keeps himself away from stress. They also take care that they do not have any kind of infection. Kelly Gordy to continue with sperm donation. Kelly says that he avoids physical relations, so that his sperm is not wasted.

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