गैर-मर्द पर आया शादीशुदा महिला का दिल, डेटिंग ऐप से शुरू हुई लवस्टोरी; AI इस्तेमाल कर दिया तलाक और…

Chat GPT AI App: A married woman’s heart had fallen on a non-man. Their love story started through a dating app. Their affair was going on for six months. In this case, the woman could not understand whether to leave her husband for her lover or not. For this, that woman took the support of AI App. Come, we are telling you about one such incident, in which the woman has used AI to decide whether to leave her husband or not.

Sarah, a 37-year-old woman, was having an affair for six months, she met on the dating platform IllicitEncounters.com. This dating platform is for married people. Sara, who works in tech, started using ChatGPT to help her better understand her married life.

Last month, her marital problems reached a point where she needed to decide whether to try to fix them or leave her husband of five years for a lover, according to the Mirror . Sara asked the AI ​​app what she should do in her ideal “story”.

He explains, “I asked the app to write a story based on my current situation and what should the person in the story do in a failed marriage? He had to show Apart from this, you should also experience the enthusiasm of the relationship with me.

He said, “The interesting thing is that it picked up my dilemma so well and even considered my own happiness. The end of the story told me that I should put my happiness first and leave my husband, which I have now done.”

Sara further added, “It gave me the push I needed to take the leap and leave a long-standing relationship. It’s definitely unorthodox, and not something I’d encourage other women in similar situations to try. It was a case of this technique being around and it worked for me.

Illicitencounters.com said its members often share their experiences under Feedback. He asked permission to share Sara’s unique story.

What is ChatGPT AI App?
ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot designed to provide natural, conversation-like responses to questions. People use it to write poetry, songs, work emails etc.

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