चाय के साथ गपागप टोस्ट खाने में आता है मज़ा, तो जरूर देखिए ये वीडियो, कैमरे में कैद नज़ारा उड़ा देगा होश

It is a different pleasure to eat bread or toast with tea in the morning. It is not right to drink tea on an empty stomach, so bread and toast is also the best breakfast in the morning, which is prepared quickly. There are many people who like toast so much that they go on eating it in one sitting. But do you know how your favorite toast is made? Once you see the video inside the factory, you will be in awe.

You will be blown away by watching toast making in a video shared on Instagram gamerkebaap. The thing which used to be heard somewhere else since childhood to scare, was seen coming true in front of the eyes. A worker was caught on camera kneading the dough being prepared for making toast, and was seen denying the mistake when caught. The video has got more than 1 lakh likes.

Toast flour showing kneading of feet
That video of toast making is becoming very viral on social media. Which was secretly captured by a person in his camera, then all the secrets were revealed. A man was beating the dough of toast with his feet. Perhaps his flour needed more power, so instead of hands, he thought it right to knead it with feet. There was no one else in the factory except him, so the man took full advantage of the free time and was seen doing the cleaning work with his feet. The video was secretly captured by a person in the camera and as soon as it reached in front of him, he immediately started folding hands and feet.

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