छत पर चढ़कर पतंग उड़ाने लगा कलाबाज़ बंदर, देखने वाले उठाते रहे लुत्फ, मज़ेदार है ये वीडियो

Don’t know how many times people must have seen animals doing one to one actions on social media. Many times animals copy humans in such a way that it starts to surprise. In these too, if we talk about monkeys, they prove many times that they are the ancestors of humans. Like humans, monkeys are also seen doing mischievous acts and sometimes doing fashion. But this time a monkey was seen celebrating Makar Sankranti like humans.

A video is going viral on Instagram sad_status_songs, in which a monkey was seen flying a kite by climbing on the roof. Like a human, the monkey is seen pulling the kite with a string in his hand. It looks as if he is trying to bite other kites flying in the sky. During this, people present outside can be heard enjoying watching the kite flying monkey. The video has got more than 4 lakh likes.

The monkey held the string and started flying the kite
In the viral video, a monkey was seen standing on the roof of the house and flying a kite in his hand. Then the people present on the road outside the house and on the roof of other houses were surprised to see the monkey flying a kite. Then everyone together started enjoying the monkey. Many times in the video, the noise of people can also be heard in which they are probably trying to boost up the monkey. The monkey was also getting puffed up with the encouragement of the people and was pulling the thread and string of the kite in such a way as if it would agree to cut the rest of the kites in the sky.

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