जब जंगली भालू लेने लगा ‘सेल्‍फी’, 400 तस्‍वीरें हुईं कैमरे में कैद, सोशल मीडिया यूजर्स हैरान

Videos of wild animals are often liked by people. Social media is full of such videos. Now interesting pictures of a black bear in Colorado, USA are becoming increasingly viral. In this he is seen taking a selfie. Users are getting mesmerized seeing this.

Motion detecting cameras are installed in the forests of Colorado’s Open Space and Mountain Parks. Usually other animals go out in this open space in search of food or a place to rest, but these bears do not do so. But this time around 600 pictures of black bear were captured at this place. Of these, 400 pictures were of only one bear. In these pictures, he can be seen staring at himself from different angles.

400 of 580 Images lone bear
A spokesman for Open Space and Mountain Parks tweeted, recently a bear found a wildlife camera. Usually we use these motion detecting cameras to monitor wildlife. But this bear took many pictures of himself. When we scrutinized the pictures, it was found that out of 580 pictures, 400 were of a single bear. This bear is more interested in the camera and he got that opportunity too. The spokesperson said that we were laughing a lot after seeing these pictures, and we thought that more people would like it.

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