जहरीली गैस छोड़ता है ये Killer Mushroom, ले सकता है जान भी; भूलकर भी न खाएं ऐसे लोग…

Scientists of Taiwan’s Academia Sinica have discovered the specialty of a species of mushroom, Oyster Mushroom or what we also call oyster mushroom. According to him, it was discovered in the 1980s that this mushroom survives by eating insects. But when it was investigated, it had neither hands nor legs. Then with whom would he be hunting?
According to a report in The Sun, its investigation revealed that its difference is a special quality. It consists of small lollipop-shaped structures, which open when they come in contact with the roundworm. When these structures break on coming in contact with someone, a highly toxic gas is released, due to which the nervous system stops working.

storehouse of vitamins B and C
But do not be afraid, it is not dangerous for you. According to experts, this mushroom is so tasty and nutritious that by eating it you will get more nutrients than non-veg. According to a study published in Research Gate, oyster mushrooms are rich in vitamin C and vitamin B complex. Which prepares you to compete with the changes in the weather. Apart from this, it contains 1.6 to 2.5% protein.

Antibiotic properties too
Oyster mushroom or oyster mushroom is also a storehouse of micronutrients that your body needs to function smoothly. It contains essential elements like potassium, sodium, phosphorus, iron and calcium. Niacin, which is usually very less in vegetarian foods, is found in good quantity in it. It is known for its antibiotic properties.

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