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Couple asked guest to bring their own food: Bride-Groom have many dreams regarding marriage. Some want to make their marriage memorable on the basis of money and some because of simplicity. You must have heard the budget of the wedding (Low Budget Wedding) going into lakhs, but to settle the marriage within a limited budget, learn from an American couple, who adopted a strange trick to reduce the budget.

The bride named Shelby Phelps used such a trick to spend less money in her marriage, which if used in an Indian wedding, relatives would be upset. However, the couple says that their unique trick helped them cut a total budget of Rs 8 lakh for the wedding. Now let’s tell how the couple saved so much money.

come to the wedding, but bring food with you
According to the report of Mirror, nowadays a marriage can be done in Britain for 32 lakh rupees, but if the couple shows understanding, then this budget also reduces. For example, cost cutting is done through photographer, dress, flowers and food. Recently, a couple put a demand in front of the guests to save the wedding expenses. He said that while coming to the wedding, he should bring his food with him. All the guests agreed to this and their marriage was settled in a very low budget. Bride Shelby Phelps, 26, and her partner, Garrett, married in front of just 25 guests and made their big day as delightfully affordable as possible.

Marriage settled in 49 thousand rupees
Where marriages take place in lakhs and where this couple spent only 49 thousand rupees and took vows to live and die together. The couple bought clothes for their wedding from a second hand shop and only one of their friends was present as a photographer. Another friend baked him a carrot cake with cream-cheese icing. Her friends themselves bought wedding dresses for themselves and collected flowers from the community for decoration. They ended their day with a party of friends and a bonfire.

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