जिस बेटी को जन्म दिया, उसी से शादी कर लेता है पिता, चकित कर देगी ये विचित्र परंपरा!

Weird Traditions Around the World: There are many places in the world that we know about, while there are some places about which we know less. Especially where tribal people live, people have less information about such places. In such a situation, there are enough to surprise in the strange traditions here. A similar practice is going on in the Mandi tribe of Bangladesh, under which the daughter is married to her own father.

This is not a new thing for the Mandi tribe of Bangladesh, where daughters are married to their own fathers. This tradition is very strange to hear, but the girls here start seeing their father as a future husband as soon as they regain their senses. According to the English website The Guardian, this custom has been going on in this tribe for years and the girls of the community have adapted themselves accordingly. He has made this practice a part of his life.

Daughter becomes wife as soon as she grows up
Generally, as soon as the daughter grows up, she gets married to the father and they lead a normal married life. According to Orola, a 30-year-old woman from the same tribe, her father died when she was very young. In such a situation, his mother was married to another person. On seeing him, Orola started liking him and when she came to know that he is her husband too, she was very happy. This Guardian report is old, but even today in this tribe, girls get married to their father at a young age.

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In the Mandi tribe of Bangladesh, girls are married to their fathers. (Credit-Shutterstock)

bad practice for us, custom for them
We give this system the name of Kupratha because it is very strange regarding father-daughter relationship but it is a common custom for Mandi tribe. Here the widowed girls get married to a relative of the husband. When she gives birth to a daughter, she also gets married to the same person. This is a very strange situation for us, but both mother and daughter live in the same house as the wife of the same person. Their children are also part of the same family.

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