टेडी बियर के इश्क में पगलाई महिला, कर ली है शादी, नहीं बर्दाश्त करती है ‘शौहर’ की ज़रा भी बेइज्ज़ती!

Woman Married to Red Teddy Bear: You must have often seen that children love teddy bears so much that they are not ready to leave them even for a moment. Even when girls grow up, they do not lose their love for Teddy, but you have hardly heard of anyone that he has even married her in love with Teddy. The story of one such woman has come to the fore from the neighboring country of Pakistan, who has married a red colored teddy.

The woman likes red colored teddy bear so much that she has married Teddy only. Now if he says something to Teddy in front of her, then the woman (Pakistani Woman Falls in Love With a Teddy) does not tolerate it. The woman claims that she has been living with the teddy bear for the last 10 years and has accepted it as her everything. This love story is currently garnering a lot of headlines on social media.

woman madly in love with teddy bear
The woman’s husband has died and since then she has been living with the teddy bear for 10 years. He has woven his world around that teddy. A video of a Pakistani woman has been shared on YouTube channel Social Click, in which she is seen talking openly about her strange love story. The woman told that she can do all kinds of things with her partner and he never dominates her, nor does she say anything in return. The woman never hears anything against her husband i.e. Teddy. You can also see this in the video.

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there are other cases
This is not the first case of a Pakistani woman who has fallen in love with an inanimate object. Earlier, a woman named Pascale Sellick from England surprised everyone by marrying a quilt. On the other hand, another woman married a tree and accepted him as her husband and even changed her surname to the name of the tree. Apart from this, women who married toys have also been found.

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