टॉयलेट के पानी को करते हैं रिसाइकिल, फिर ग्राहकों को कर देते हैं सर्व! चौंका देगी रेस्टोरेंट की विचित्र हरकत

There is a lot of water on the earth, but according to the report of National Geographic, the amount of drinking water on the earth is only 1.2 percent. Due to having so little water, there is a need to recycle water as well. Scientists in the world are finding different ways to recycle water which is being used in malls, shops and other buildings. A few years ago, a restaurant in Belgium came into the limelight because of recycling water. This restaurant does not recycle tap water, but recycled toilet water served to guests.

According to the report of the Audity Central News website, there is a restaurant in Kuurne, Belgium, named Gusteaux. The water served here is just like normal water, it does not have any taste or colour, but that water is different from common water. The reason for this is that it is recycled (Restaurant serve recycled toilet water to drink) water which is collected from the bathroom of the restaurant.

recycle toilet water
By collecting the water collected from the toilet, the restaurant makes it so clean that it becomes fit to serve the customers. Actually, this Belgian restaurant is not connected to the sewer system. In such a situation, collecting and recycling the water coming out of the toilet and wash basin is the only option. According to the report, toilet and sink water is first cleaned with plant fertiliser, after that some water mixed with rain water is supplied to the bathroom so that the toilet can be flushed. The rest of the water has to go through five stages of purification. Only then that water becomes drinkable.

serve water for drinking
If you are feeling disgusting after hearing this, then let us tell you that this toilet water becomes so clean that it is not fit for drinking. Because of this, minerals are added to it again so that it becomes potable. The restaurateurs give this water free of cost to their customers, ice is made by freezing this water, which is also added to coffee, etc.

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