टॉयलेट सीट पर बैठकर यहां रेस करते हैं लोग, 40 साल पहले शुरू हुआ था विचित्र रिवाज! कारण भी है काफी अनोखा

Weird Traditions Around the World: All the countries of the world have their own different beliefs which get involved in the way of living of the people there. One such belief is in a village in America (American toilet seat race) where people do racing while sitting on toilet seats. People participate in this years old race by forming teams and the reason for this is also unique.

In this new series of News18 Hindi, we tell you about the strange rituals of the world, about which you would hardly have heard. Today we are talking about the recognition (people race on toilet seats in America) in a village in America. According to the report of the Daily Star News website, there is a small town in Washington, USA named Conconully (Conconully, Washington, USA). A race is being organized here for the last 42 years, which has become a part of the recognition here.

toilet seat racing america

This race started 42 years back. (Photo: Facebook/Conconully Outhouse Races)

Build a house with toilet in a unique race
This race is called outhouse race which takes place on the main street. This race is played by making a team. Team members first build an outhouse. Outhouse means a small room which is made by joining woods. The size of this room is pre-decided by the organizers of the race and it must be of the same size. After this, a toilet seat is fitted inside this room, toilet paper is kept and one member of the team, who races, sits on the seat wearing a helmet. Wearing a helmet is very important for safety. Finally the room is placed on the skis. These are long wooden strips that are used to slide on the ice. They are used in the sport called skiing.

Recognition continues for 42 years
After placing the house on the skis, the rest of the team members push it and the first house to reach the finish line wins. Talking to the BBC, Jacob, an official of Outhouse Racing, said that his grandmother had seen a fun race about 42 years ago in Idaho, USA. From there he got the idea of ​​conducting such a race. People told that there is only one reason behind this belief, that is to maintain entertainment and enthusiasm. People say that through this race, they bring the family together and take them together at one place, after which everyone enjoys a lot.

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