डायनासोर से भी पुरानी निकली वो जीव, 7 फीट से ज्यादा है लंबाई, ऐसा भारी भरकम है शरीर कि बन गया रिकॉर्ड

Fishermen often go to sea, river and lake to catch animals, but many times something gets entangled in their nets which even they themselves do not expect. Something similar happened with father and son, who had gone to catch fish for their food, but got entangled in the net in such a way that they struggled to drag it to the boat. Then he felt that some heavy drum was stuck in his net, which he was not able to pull. But finally when he was pulled out, there was a huge and strange creature in the net which no one had seen before.

Father Keith Dees, a resident of Alabama, USA, went fishing with his son Huntley, when such a huge creature got trapped in the net, which was said to be a species much older than dinosaurs. Who surprised people by being alive till now. The name of the caught species is Alligator Gar, which is not an alligator but a fish. But due to the shape of his mouth and pointed teeth, he has been named alligator. It has also broken the record of the heaviest animal in the state.

Creature older than dinosaur trapped in father-son web
The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources reported that the father-son duo of Keith and Huntley caught the largest fish in the state. Which broke the previous record of £11. The weight of the fish caught by Keith and Huntley was said to be around 72 kg. Its length is also about 7 feet, seeing which both were shocked when they took it out of the trap. Keith Dees has also shared his experience with pictures of this great achievement on his Facebook page.

Trapped creature made a record
The achievement of catching the huge creature was achieved when both these mobiles went to Tenso River Delta. Keith, who caught the alligator gar, said, “I knew it was big, but I didn’t know it was a state record. it never Entered My Mind.” Alligator gar are the largest species in the gar family, the largest freshwater fish in North America, and are known as “living fossils” that have retained some characteristics of their prehistoric ancestors.

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