डिजाइनर ने बनाए कानों के लिए झूमर, मोमबत्ती के डिजाइन पर जलती दिखी लाइट! जानें कितनी है कीमत

In today’s time, people like to adopt different fashion. The market is flooded with amazing fashion trends ranging from clothes to jewelry. People make strange things a part of their fashion to look different from each other and also to make a different style statement on social media. Such strange earings (Jhoomar jaise jhumke) are in discussion these days which are looking less like earrings and more like chandeliers in the rooms.

According to the report of Audity Central News website, Diana Caldarescu is a technical designer and fashion illustrator. She is in discussion these days especially for making different types of earrings. She makes chandelier earrings which look exactly like the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. She has also shared the photo of these special earrings on her Instagram account, which people like very much.

earrings look like burning candles 1

The lady is famous for making unique earrings. (Photo: Instagram/dianacaldarescu)

The light burns in the earring
Diana of New York crafts these metal earrings from brass, sterling silver, 14-karat gold and glass crystals. After that, to give it the look of a candle, she puts an LED light on it, which looks like a candle is burning. Now you must be wondering how this light will be lit? Actually, after wearing it in the ear, a small battery pack is placed on the back of the ear which gives energy to the light.

How much is the cost of earring?
There is not much information about how long a small CR1632 battery would be able to provide energy, but this earring looks very beautiful. The best part is that its battery is replaceable, so once the battery runs out, you can replace and wear it over and over again. Diana told that when she was young, she used to live in Los Angeles and then often dressed in vintage style, used to go to watch movies. It was from these experiences that he got the idea to design such earrings. After leaving Los Angeles Trade Technical College, he started his own jewelry business. Let us tell you that the cost of this one earring is up to 12 thousand rupees. Along with this, they also give a warranty of 1 year.

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