तस्वीर में दिख रहा है हिरण, मगर खोजना है तेज़ रफ्तार खरगोश, तेज़ नज़र वाले ही कर पाएंगे तलाश

Even the normal looking pictures sometimes pose such a challenge that the mind becomes curdled. Eyes and intellect both have to work so hard that the mind gets irritated. Still don’t get success, which makes you disappointed. Actually, your sharp eyes will not work for such optical illusion challenge pictures. Rather, amazing observation skills are required, due to which the challenge and mystery hidden in the picture can be explored. These days such challenges which give brain exercise are very viral on social media.

Optical Illusion: A rabbit is hidden in the picture of a deer in such a way that one will sweat to find it. Everyone’s eyes are busy trying to find the speed dealer, but no one will see him. For this you have to make solid use of your understanding.

Rabbit hiding in deer’s picture
The picture is very confusing. Where everyone must be seeing a deer with huge antlers, but the challenge given to find a rabbit left people more intrigued. Because at first sight only one animal is visible in the picture which is not a rabbit at all. In such a situation, it is a big challenge to know where and in what condition that rabbit is hidden. But believe me, those whose observation skills and IQ level will be tremendous, they will understand how to find that rabbit and if the matter is not being done now, then in the picture given below, you can see for yourself where is that rabbit.

optical illusion

The face of rabbit cleverly set in the picture of deer, the artist will get angry on seeing it

The challenge hidden in the brain exercise picture
Hope you have understood in the above picture that how the rabbit has been hidden in the picture. But now if you are getting angry then it is of no use because optical illusion pictures are purposely made by the artist where you cannot easily see the thing which is challenged to find the artist then set these pictures like this. Let’s say that you have to use every angle of your mind and the exercise of your mind is done through the picture of your sitting.

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