‘तितलियां वर्गा’ पर लड़कों ने किया गदर डांस, हरी-गुलाबी चुनरी में यूं झूमे, दीवानी हुई पब्लिक!

Boys Dancing on Titliyan Varga: Nowadays we get to see more than one video on social media. Many times something really appears in such a way, which we would never have imagined, and sometimes it also happens that such a video comes in front of us, seeing which hardly anyone will be able to stop laughing. One such video is going viral even at this time, in which some boys are doing a fun dance on Afsana Khan’s song ‘Titliyan Varga’.

There was a time when great care was taken that the dance songs of boys and girls were different. Although it is not so now, only the beats should be good, then neither the male-female voice nor the costume makes any difference. Nowadays, not only girls are dancing on songs with male voice, but boys are also seen dancing on ‘Maar Dala’ and sometimes on ‘Titliyan Varga’ wearing chunni.

Boys danced on Punjabi songs
It can be seen in the video that the wedding reception stage is decorated. There, many friends form groups and climb on the stage and start dancing on “Titliyan Varga” wearing colorful chunnis. Seeing people dancing, the guests present in the party also come to support them. Especially the choreography of these boys is seen in the video, it is so funny that you will not be able to live without laughing. The way he is doing comedy dance on the beats of the song is amazing.

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