दुकान में बिस्किट खरीदने गई महिला, घर लौटी तो बन चुकी थी करोड़पति, पता लगते ही खिसकी पैरों तले जमीन!

Every person in this world wants to become rich overnight and get so much money that he will never be short of money. But this happens only in movies, for real life it seems to be just a fictional story. However, sometimes when luck favors people’s imagination also becomes reality. Recently, the same happened with a woman (Woman biscuit shopping become millionaire) in America who had gone to the shop to buy biscuits but when she returned home she had become a millionaire.

According to the report of the Daily Star News website, 51-year-old Amelia Estes lives in North Carolina (North Carolina, USA) and last Saturday she went to buy biscuits from the shop. From there he bought a lottery scratchcard worth Rs.1600 (Woman bought lottery become millionaire). When he scratched the card and matched it with the lottery numbers, he was blown away. His name had won a lottery worth Rs 16 crore.

woman won the lottery
The North Carolina Education Lottery said in its statement on January 19- “On Saturday, Amelia came to the store to buy biscuits as usual, but the day became very special for her. He bought a scratch card for Rs 1600 and got a lottery of Rs 16 crore in his name. Emilia said that as soon as she saw the lottery, the ground slipped under her feet. He could not believe it. He said that he was repeatedly hearing a voice from inside which was saying that he should buy the ticket. As soon as he bought the ticket, his luck shone.

Took 9 crores in one go
After seeing the result of the lottery, she hurriedly went home and told her mother about it. He said to his mother- “I think we have become millionaires!” His mother was also surprised and started thanking God. In the lottery game he played, the company gives two options to the winners. Firstly, either he should take Rs 80 lakh every year for 20 years or he should take Rs 9 crore at one go. Amelia chose to take Rs. She said that she would save that money for her retirement.

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