दुनियाभर की 'जिद्दी इमारतें', कोई बीच सड़क पर तो कोई है मॉल में; इन्हें तोड़ने में सरकार भी हुई फेल!

Everyone in the world thinks of building their own home. People also spend lakhs of crores for this. Many buildings are such that even tourists go to see them. But today we are going to tell you about the stubborn buildings of the world. Some are in the middle of the road and some are in the mall. One of these is also America’s Trump House. In China, such buildings are called Dinzhihu i.e. ‘Nail House’, because despite millions of efforts, the governments have not been able to shake their foundation. Their owners were so stubborn that they forced the governments to bow down. Let’s know about these buildings…

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