दुल्हन ने किया ऐसा गदर डांस, रुकी ही नहीं दूल्हे की हंसी, पब्लिक बोली- थम जाओ दीदी!

Funny Bride Dance Goes Viral: Weddings in our country don’t get festive after eating and drinking and band bazaa until people dance on behalf of the bride and groom. The marriages of badger dance seem incomplete. At present, such a video is going viral, in which the bride herself is seen dancing so fiercely that you will be surprised to see her.

Gone are the days when brides used to shyly watch their wedding procession through the windows on their wedding day. Where usually brides are shy and shy, this bride is seen dancing in a very cool way. You will be surprised to see the bride dancing in the video, while the groom standing next to her is unable to control his laughter even after wanting to. Amidst all this, the bride is looking engrossed in her dance.

Bride performed Gadar dance on stage
In the video you can see that the bride and groom are standing on the stage. Meanwhile, a song starts playing and the little girls present there start dancing. Along with these little girls, the bride also starts dancing and during this time she does not care about the groom or the guests. Seeing his bride dancing in a strange way, the groom cannot stop laughing. However, then the bride realizes that why not make the groom dance as well. In such a situation, she holds the hand of the groom and asks him to dance, but the groom refuses laughingly.

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