दुल्हा- दुल्हन मन्नत के लिए खड़े हुए आमने-सामने, चेहरे से हटा पर्दा, दुल्हा लगा नाचने 

Video of Dulha Dulhan: The wedding day is one of the most memorable days for the bride and groom, as they not only look forward to spending their lives together but for the first time they see each other in the bridal couple. Recently, a video went viral on the internet, in which the groom’s reaction on seeing the bride is everything a girl wishes for on her big day.

In the viral clip, you can see the bride and groom standing in front of each other for their respective vows at a Christian wedding. The bride is seen wearing a beautiful white gown with a veil while the groom looks dashing in a blue suit. After the vow, the groom removes the veil from the face of the bride. The sweetest reaction of a groom is upon seeing his bride in her wedding gown after the veil has been lifted. He is overjoyed to see his beautiful bride and is seen dancing a little happily before holding his bride’s hand.

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