देखते ही देखते शेर को निगल गया अजगर, एक ही झपट्टे में कर दिया काम तमाम! वीडियो देख दहल जाएंगे आप

Videos related to wildlife are most viewed and liked on social media. Which often include mischief of pets or wild animals. But when the hunting of wild animals is captured in the camera, then it is heart wrenching to see. One such video is going viral on social media where a python stopped breathing after catching a mountain lion in a single attack.

Wildlife viral series: You will be stunned to see a python attack on a mountain lion in a video shared on @511turkee on Twitter. In the video, he was trying to find something at a place like Pahadi Sher Nallah. But on failing, he took out his mouth, but the very next moment the python made such an attack and completed the work in one stroke. The video has got more than 63,000 views.

The python pounced on the lion
The viral video is of the darkness of the night, in which a mountain lion was seen walking and suddenly when it entered the open drain on the bank, it seemed as if it was searching for something to eat or drink. When he found failure, he quickly took it out of his mouth. But as soon as he came out of the city, a huge python came out of the drain, which caught the mountain lion in one fell swoop. In which the lion was captured in the camera while thrashing and writhing. The lion tried to save itself for a long time, but it is said that the python’s grip is never so loose that once it is caught, one can escape.

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