देखिए नेपाल में पब्लिक ट्रांसपोर्ट को पार पहुंचाने का जुगाड़, देखते ही अटक जाएंगी सांसें! वायरल हो गया वीडियो

There is no dearth of jugaads in the world. Anytime they apply any jugaad and the work is done. These things are not being said out of thin air, rather many videos of Jugaad Tantra are often seen on social media. But till now the matter used to be small and fat. But now the matter has gone too far. One such video of Nepal is going viral where you will be shocked to see the jugaad of crossing the public transport. But in hilly areas, such jugaads have to be done due to compulsion.

A video from Nepal is going viral on Twitter’s @ErikSolheim. In which people’s breath started getting stuck seeing the way to cross the public transport. When the way to go from one place to another was broken, people were stunned to see the bus being carried across the road by cable in ropeway style. The video has got more than 9 lakh views.

Amazing trick to cross public transport
In the video which is going viral in the name of Nepal, a big public bus is being taken across the road through cable. And two people are seen present to confirm that there should be no problem in reaching the other side of the bus. It is seen in the video that there is a deep ditch from where the bus is being crossed. On both sides of which there is a settlement of people. Perhaps this chasm must have been the way earlier, due to its breaking, people must have been facing difficulties in reaching across it. Therefore, it was necessary as well as compulsion to take the entire bus towards the township.

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