‘धरती पर आने वाला है भीषण अकाल’, पानी और बिजली को तरस जाएंगे लोग, एलियंस से बात करने वाली महिला का दावा!

Woman Claims Aliens Predicted Famine for Earth: There are more than one people in the world and they have their own thinking. Many times such claims are made that the listeners are stunned. A similar claim has been made by a woman who says that she can talk to aliens and ghosts. Not only this, she is also making some predictions about the earth, which the aliens have told her.

A woman named Bestie Air claims that she can contact high energy. This is the reason why she talks to aliens (Beauty Queen Claims to Talk With Aliens) and ghosts. The woman claims that a big famine is going to come on the earth. It may be strange for us, but the woman says that she can not only talk to the people living in the other world, but in conversation they keep telling her many things about the earth.

There will be a severe famine on the earth
The woman who was Miss Turkey in 1995 claims that she has the ability to hear things of high energy and frequency. After the death of her father in the year 2015, she can talk to him too. Not only this, the 49-year-old woman also says that she has the ability to talk not only to her father but also to Virgin Mary and aliens. Bestie claims that the aliens have told that the world is about to face a severe famine. A serious water problem is going to emerge in the world and there will be a problem regarding electricity as well.

‘We do not die, the soul is alive’
According to the report of Daily Star, people consider bestie to be crazy but they say that it is not difficult to connect with energy. There is no such thing as death in the world and the soul is immortal. According to Bestie, she cannot see these people in front but can feel their energy. Bestie’s father was a singer and songwriter by profession, so when he talks to his daughter, he talks about all kinds of issues.

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