धरती पर मौजूद है गुलाबी तालाब, वैज्ञानिकों को भी हैरान करता है पानी का रंग; फोटो देख लोग समझ लेते हैं फेक!

Since childhood, whenever you have seen water in a river, ocean, pond, or waterfall, you must have seen it blue. Different shades of blue would have been seen at many places but the basic color would have remained blue. But there are some ponds in the world which are pink instead of blue. One such famous pond is present in Australia, whose pink color looks like the color of a bubble gum (Bubblegum Pink Lakes in Australia). Knowing what is the reason for its pink color (Pink Lake), you will also feel like going here.

According to the website of Discovery Channel, the whole of Australia (Pink Lake Australia) is famous for many strange places and animals. But some of the ponds here are also often discussed. One of these ponds is such that scientists have done a lot of research because its color is pink, not blue, like the color of chewing gum. According to the report, Lake Hillier is located on the southern coast of Western Australia, whose water is pink in color. In 2015, a team of researchers was sent here by the Extreme Microbiome Project to study the color of the pond.

pink lake in australia

Scientists have researched it for a long time and found the reason for it being pink. (Photo: Twitter/@CGdrawing)

People have been speculating about pink color
For a long time people believed that aliens were the reason behind its pink colour. After some time people started believing that there is more salt in the pond or there are microalgae due to which its color is pink. Researchers wanted to know the exact reason for its colour. They collected the water sample and then did its DNA test, after which surprising things were revealed from it.

Because of this the pink color of the pond
Researchers found 10 species of bacteria that thrive on salt, as well as algae named Dunaliella, which are pink and red in color. This may be the reason for the pink color of the water, but the researchers found something even more surprising in the water sample. They found a large number of bacteria named Salinibacter rubber. They believe that the color of the pond is because of the color of these bacteria. It is absolutely safe to swim in this pond and due to high salt content, swimming is also very easy.

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