नवजात बच्चों पर थूकते हैं लोग, माथे पर पोत देते हैं केक! ये 8 अजीबोगरीब मान्यताएं उड़ा देंगी होश

Placenta eating tradition means placenta is that part inside which a child grows safely in the mother’s womb. In many places it is customary to eat the placenta after the birth of a child. This practice is also followed in countries like India, Jamaica and China. While Eastern countries believe that by doing this, the mother will get spiritual benefits, whereas in Western countries, it is believed that by eating the placenta, the mother will get beneficial hormones and nutrients. However, eating it raw can lead to food poisoning and infection, while eating cooked can destroy its nutrients. (Representational photo: Canva)

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