नालायक बाप! जीती थी 20 अरब रुपये की लॉटरी, हर सप्ताह खर्च किए एक करोड़, बच्चों को कंगाल बनाकर मरा

You must have heard many times the story of a child being unworthy, but this story is about a father being unworthy. The story begins more than a decade ago i.e. on 12 July 2011. Lakshmi incarnates in a happy family of two children. That family gets an amount of more than 20 billion rupees in one stroke. This makes the whole family jump with happiness. With this money, the family first buys a beautiful house and many luxury vehicles for themselves. Then invests money in all the companies. That family keeps on making itself one of the happiest family in the world. He does not lack anything. But, after about seven years in 2018, discord starts. Family Breaks. Father uses money as an excuse like water. He spends an average of one crore rupees every week. Then poverty starts coming in the house. Within no time the sons start visiting the pauper. On the other hand, the father says goodbye to the world at the age of 71 due to kidney failure.

This is not a fictional story but a real incident. Last week this incident was discussed all over the world. Father dies in 2019 itself. but this Family The documents and bank details have just come to the fore. This shows how the father wasted the money and left the world after saying goodbye to his own children while pushing them into poverty.

Biggest lottery in history
this is event Britain Of Scotland. Colin Ver, a resident of North Ayrshire, Scotland, made a record $257.6 million (about Rs 21 billion) in 2011. lottery Had won At that time it was the biggest win in the history of EuroMIllions lottery company. According to the website of the British newspaper Fox News, this family was very happy after winning the lottery. Ver and his wife Christine first bought a beautiful house worth Rs 46.86 crore. Apart from this, even after renovating this house according to your own crores of rupees were spent. Ver bought a 55 per cent stake in a Glasgow football club. Apart from this, he created Ver Charitable Trust. He also donated to the Scottish National Party. He also made a convoy of luxury vehicles. It had vehicles like Jaguar F-Pace SUV, Bentley, Mercedes Benz V Class and Mercedes Benz E Class.

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But, probably this wastage of money was not seen by God. Discord began in Ver’s family. In 2018, his wife separated from him. Ver lost almost half of his life in this divorce. property Christine had to give. In 2018, this stake was about $ 81 million (about Rs 6.6 billion). Now Ver is alone. Still, he had about $50 million (about Rs.4 billion) at that time. During this he spent a lot of money. According to the report, he died in 2019 due to kidney failure. Before his death, he was living in a mansion by the sea. Its cost is around $ 1.3 million (about Rs 10 crore). Apart from this, the documents show that his total capital in his account and invested companies is around Rs 10 crore.

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